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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

products: trout ceramic tile 

Decorative ceramic tile, handmade fish tiles freshwater fish ceramic tiles for use in sliced pebble tile, polished pebble tiles / trout ceramic tiles in rock tiles/ golden trout ceramic tiles / brown trout ceramic tiles in rock showers / rainbow trout ceramic tiles for rock shower floors/ lake trout ceramic tiles / bull trout ceramic tiles / cutthroat trout ceramic tiles / silver trout ceramic tiles / gila trout ceramic tiles / apache trout ceramic tiles / ANY trout species in ceramic tile!

All handmade ceramic tiles are made in the usa

Please click the Trout link in the RIGHT column for the current stock of trout fish tiles for sliced pebble, polished, pebble, and rock shower floors.

See my Shower: Trout link for great ceramic tile trout and rock tile shower floor installations.

Take a walk on the wild side. Can you imagine taking a stroll down your very own ceramic tile / mosaic tile trout stream every day. You enter your door and walk through nature into your kitchen. It just doesn't get any better than that; does it.

rock tile floors

This color has been discontinued

The next time you are shopping for pebble stone, rock tile sheets, sliced pebble stone / tiles, or other rustic, natural stones for a floor, throw in a few of our trout shaped ceramic tiles and spice up a boring rock floor.

Follow Diane's board: Should trout only be found in streams and rivers? on Pinterest.

The picture below shows a cut stone / pebble stream bed with a rainbow trout - shaped / cutout ceramic tile mosaic insert.

rainbow trout shaped cutout ceramic tile mosaic insert

Our rainbow trout shaped tiles come in an array of different sizes. If you scroll down our page you'll find pricing.

If you're looking for a realistic ceramic tile trout stream, peruse our page a bit further for more great trout shaped ceramic tile installations.

These is my rainbow trout shaped fish tiles. It has a Green Agate, green/brown and blue/brown cast to it, with Peppermint Twist sides and Smoke Gray fins with black backs.

rainbow trout mosaic shaped ceramic tiles

Green Agate with Smoke fins and Peppermint Twist Rainbow Trout dorsal view tiles.

The Green Agate ceramic tile glaze, sometimes has a blue cast to it. You can see it in the picture above. It's a bit unpredictable, but still quite lovely. The picture below shows some trout tiles in Green Agate with Peppermint Twist sides, Smoke fins, and Dark Brown Cobblestone backs. I have these stocked for immediate shipment in 5", 6", 8", and 10" sizes.

rainbow trout shaped tiles, sliced pebble rock tile

The picture of the trout shaped tiles above shows a ceramic tile design idea. Do you see it? You can cut your trout tails and overlap them to create more depth in your rock floor installations.

It might be hard to believe, but the trout shaped mosaic / shaped ceramic tiles shown below are the same glaze as the picture shown above; Green Agate with Smoke fins. They were fired to a much higher temperature and have a olive green on their backs. This temperature difference completely changes the color.

trout shaped mosaic ceramic tiles for showers

Green Agate with Smoke fins and Olive Cobblestone

fish shaped mosaic tiles

Another trout species that is popular as a trout tile is the cutthroat trout. The picture below shows cutthroat trout shaped ceramic tiles. The backs could be brown and the sides and fins more of a red-tone for an alternative.

cutthroat trout shaped mosaic ceramic tiles

Trout shaped ceramic tiles are a great design idea for sliced pebble tiles. There is a vast array of these pebble stone tiles available on the market. Just search using images.google.com on "SLICED PEBBLE TILES," or click this link.

sliced pebble rock sheets sliced pebble rock sheets

The picture below shows a trout stream ceramic tile fireplace hearth that is laid out in the studio; prior to film mounting. This stone hearth pebble tiles would have been just another boring, rustic hearth, until the addition of a small trout stream.

This client opted to have leaf ceramic tiles inserted into larger pebble stones and have a stream bead of wavy water tiles, trout tiles, and raccoon track ceramic tiles. The rock/pebble stone concept saved the client money for this beautiful hearth installation. See our Cost Savings Idea for other great ways to stretch your dollars!

EVERY order is 100% CUSTOM. You can have any size, shaped, and color(s).

rustic rock pebble stone tiles with trout and leaf handmade ceramic tiles

A completely different looking rock pebble design idea; a soothing look and feel by simply changing out the pebble sheets and modifying colors of the water and trout.

shaped trout tiles for rock pebble floors and walls

The rock shaped stones above are called "MICRO PEBBLES." The next time you are wanting a pebble tile design in your home, consider using micro pebbles sheets.

This studio layout shows just how different our customizations are between clients. This client opted to have us make the rock ceramic tiles in their mosaic tiled trout stream. The entire design was based off of a color swatch of their blue slate. The waters and fish were also done in steel blue tones to mute the overall look and feel of the stream.

We're hoping for finished installation pictures of this trout stream tiled shower floor, because there is a bench at one end of the pond with another pond that overflows down the side of the bench to this shower floor mosaic tile design.

mosaic tile rock trout stream mosaic

mosaic tile rock trout stream mosaic

NOTE: Because I work with "spirit"/angels, in much of my designs, I do NOT always have control over how the glaze colors come out. The fish shaped tiles shown above NEVER come out steel blue; they are green. So, if you decide later that you want more of a specific color, you won't get it. Please order what you require now!

And here it is...the finished masterpiece!

rock trout stream mosaic tile shower floor

The handmade ceramic tile rounded rocks matched the customer's field tiles exactly. By matching the field tiles to our rock tiles makes a seamless transition into the decorative ceramic tile trout stream. Click the picture for an enlargement.

This is a new trout fish ceramic tile for 2015 called Mint Irish Cream with Smoke fins. I wanted to create a more muted, realistic trout as it would appear underwater. This one looks wonderful with many of the sliced pebble, polished pebbles, etc. currently being used for shower and bathroom floors with stone tiles.

trout fish tiles for sliced pebble polish stone rock floors

When you are trying to color coordinate your rock, pebble, or stone floors to a trout shaped mosaic tile, look for a "like" color in the rocks. Based on this design concept, rock / pebble / stone design ideas for my fish shaped mosaic tile trout might be:

sliced ocean pebble tiles for fish ceramic tile floors polished pebble tiles for fish ceramic tile floors

The sliced pebble tiles on the left would emphasize the fish tiles slightly, the polished rock tiles on the right would create a subtle, soothing transition. So, let's say you want to emphasize your trout shaped fish ceramic tiles. I would suggest using a gold or rust toned rock tiles like these:

pastel sliced pebble tiles cream sliced pebble tiles for fish ceramic tile floors

Although these colors would make the fish tiles "pop," they also create a very soft look and feel to a floor.

The picture below shows Cappuccino Mint freshwater fish trout tiles. I like this glaze quite a bit because it blends nicely with pebble stones and other types of stones. By applying the glaze slightly lighter on the fins makes them a bit brighter in tone and unifies the color of the fish tile.

ceramic tile shape trout for rock pebble showers

Cappuccino Mint

These trout shaped tiles would look great with sliced pebbles or pebble tiles like the ones shown below. FYI...these trout tiles in Cappuccino Mint would look awesome with an olive green Cobblestone on their backs!


sandy gray cut pebble stone tiles micro pebble stone tiles

The trout shaped tile below is Safari, also with a dark green cobblestone back. This glaze works nice for trout shaped mosaic tiles or bass shaped mosaic tiles.

trout shaped mosaic ceramic tiles for rock and pebble shower floors

Safari with dark green cobblestone backs

For a subtle look in pebble rocks or porcelain tiles, Safari with Olive Cobblestone is the perfect choice.


rich warm gold rust pebble stone tiles gold porcelain porcelane pebble stone tiles

The pebble tiles shown on the left are called "polished pebble tiles. You can use any image search engine, like bing images to locate an extensive selection of these polished pebble tiles. Or click our "POLISHED PEBBLE TILE" link.


If you prefer a porcelain pebble shaped tile like the one shown on the right, try searching google images by using the keywords, "PEBBLE SHAPED TILES."


This is a new color that I'm using on trout shaped mosaic tiles. It's Green Blue. It can be used as a standalone color or the black cobblestone can be added to the back. It's a neutral color; more on the gray/green/blue tones.

gray blue green shaped trout mosaic ceramic tiles trout shaped mosaic tiles for shower floors

These Blue green, shaped fish tiles would be a nice addition to gray-toned pebble tiles, or cut stone pebble tiles.

neutral gray pebble stone tiles neutral gray cut pebble stone tiles

gray pebbles stones and gray sliced pebbles

rock pebble flooring with trout shaped mosaic tiles

Blue green with gray fins and black on their backs

If you are on a tight budget, just a couple of our trout shaped mosaic ceramic tiles can make a big impact in a rock/pebble floor.

NOTE: for people with neuropathy in their feet

When designing a rock, pebble tile installation, you should take into consideration your own comfort; not only under your feet, but how the colors effect your being. Round rock tiles are rougher under your feet, while the cut / flat rock tiles are smoother if you have any kind of foot neuropathy.

trout shaped tiles for rock pebble tile floors pg

Trout shaped tiles in Pagoda Green, with Gooseberry fins and Brown Cobblestone backs.

 New for 2015! These trout shaped mosaic tiles in Pagoda Green/Gooseberry Green/Brown look nice with nearly any sliced pebbles, micropebble / micro-pebble, or polished pebble tile floor color. They have an "olive" cast to the green.


Sliced pebble stone design ideas
The pebble on the left are creamy tones with a hint of gold. These tones would emphasize the trout-shaped fish tiles on your pebble floor.

The "Apple" green slice pebbles color range runs between a mint green and light and dark olive tones. This combination will lend a softer look and feel to your floor; slightly de-emphasizing the fish shaped tiles.

The picture below shows a close up view of Moss Agate brown trout ceramic tiles. The thinner the glaze is applied, the more color comes out; green, gold, copper, and brown. It it's applied heaver, the Moss Agate makes for a darker brown trout tile.

Moss Agate with Brown Fins

A scale texture is pressed into the ceramic tile trout to create a scale effect; even though trout don't have visible scales.

If you like our brown trout ceramic tiles and want a deep, rustic, warm stone color, these cut pebble tile and polished, pebble tile are a great addition.

rich warm cut pebble stone tiles rich warm pebble stone tiles


You can have your trout tiles in ANY color, or combination of colors. The picture below also utilizes Moss Agate on the fins of this ceramic tile trout school.

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles
Rain Forest is discontinued

The ceramic tile trout pictures above are of a custom decorative trout tile floor.  This design consists of two different colors of brown trout ceramic tiles, wavy water tiles, and ceramic tile rocks that match the surrounding field tiles.

trout spawning ceramic tile floor
There are two different colors of brown trout tiles in this ceramic tile floor: Moss Agate and Rain Forest with Moss Agate on the fins.

ceramic tile brown trout tiles

The Moss Agate brown trout tiles shown above are solid Moss Agate; yet another example of my custom ceramic tile, shaped trout.

These are my favorite! The green/brown trout / fish ceramic tile below is an excellent choice for our most realist looking trout.

Green Agate with Rare Earth fins and Black Cobblestone backs

The picture above show a close up of our dorsal trout ceramic tiles.  The trout tile  have a transparent brown fin, but like all of our tiles; they are fully customizable. Tan fins also look nice.

The Green Agate shaped trout tiles look fabulous with so many different colors of rock tile sheets / pebble tile sheets.

sliced pebble rock sheet tiles sliced pebble rock sheet tiles

Both of these sliced pebble tiles / sliced pebble stones would give an entirely different stone floor design. The first sliced pebble rocks would provide a very rich, earthy, rock floor design idea because of the darker tones. The sliced stone tiles on the right would create a rock floor design idea that would emphasis the fish shaped tiles.

Now, I want to show you how different changing the fin color can make on our trout shaped mosaic tiles. Gray fin fish tiles. My personal favorite...softer...

pebble stone rock design idea

Brown fin fish tiles....richer and more rustic...

pebble stone rock design idea

Note: these do not look purple; it's the picture

Solid tone all the way across...

rock floor design idea with trout tiles

The top view trout-shaped ceramic tiles below are glazed in Amaco Granada. These look great with rock tiles similar to the first picture on this page.

trout shaped ceramic tiles

This close up picture shows a light brown, almost pink tone with light green / tan undertones. It's speckled with dark brown splotches (crystals). A charcoal Cobblestone top coat is applied for added interest on these trout tiles.

Amaco granada glaze on trout shaped tiles

Our most popular decorative, handmade, fully vitrified ceramic tiles is our dorsal view trout tiles. These ceramic tile fish can be used in a multitude of design applications. The picture below shows two, small 6" dorsal view Apache trout tiles. BEAUTIFUL! More dorsal view / top view ceramic tile trout can be seen throughout this web page.

apache trout shaped ceramic tiles, tile trout

Moss Agate and Squash Orange

If you have deep pockets, check out http://www.stonesmiths.com/category/gemstone-catalogue/ . They have truly amazing gemstone installations. Or if you're on a budget, I'd recommend one of these pebble stone sheets; tiger pebble tiles.

tiger pebble tiles design idea sliced tiger pebble tiles design ideas

These brown trout tiles are quite natural in their appearance. The base coat is Mayco River Bottom. It's a medium brown with tiny dark brown flecks. They have a dribble of Western Agate Green, then a top coat of Mayco Black Cobblestone.

brown trout shaped ceramic tiles

The true beauty of our glaze techniques have come from years of experience using 100's of ceramic tile glaze combinations from several manufacturers. The textures created from these glaze techniques is an added bonus.

brown trout shaped ceramic tiles

Brown trout tiles with River Bottom with Green and Black

profile trout

profile brown trout shaped ceramic tile backsplash

Some of our most beautiful profile trout ceramic tile yet. This is my interpretation of an 18" brown trout in a ceramic tile. It is a two-fire technique that utilizes Amaco Crystaltex Chocolate Chip on the upper part of the trout tile, with a thin band of Mayco Safari through the middle and on the fins, and Mayco White Foundation on the bottom part of the ceramic tile trout. Once applied with these ceramic tile glazes the piece is fired. When finished and cooled, I apply a coat of Black Cobblestone on the back of the trout and a custom brown Cobblestone mix on the upper part of the Foundation White glaze and fire it a 2nd time. This takes four days. The result, a very realistic looking mosaic ceramic tile trout.

brown trout shaped ceramic tile close up

Just look at this close up of our 2011 brown trout ceramic tile and those rich brown tones and beautiful, delicate texture in the detail. Even the eye is quite realistic.

Take a look at the close up of these babies...

The addition of the brown cobblestone ceramic tile glaze makes our tiles unique over other mosaic shaped tiles on the market.

Once again; Green Agate with Black Cobblestone, Smoke, and Peppermint Twist

Click here to see a kitchen backsplash trout ceramic tile design.

Click here to see a trout border and matching trout ceramic tile floor design.

This is the dorsal / top view of a 6" brown trout ceramic tile. It also uses Amaco Chocolate Chip glaze and Mayco Black Cobblestone. I have another glaze...Desert Tortoise that is very similar in color, except glossy; the first picture on this page.

dorsal view ceramic tile trout

dorsal view ceramic tile trout close up

We have several other glazes available that would look great on our brown trout ceramic tiles, including:

Another beautiful, 16" lake trout ceramic tile is this green toned ceramic tile trout. This is yet another realistic looking trout tile.

lake trout mosaic tiles

Just look at that beautiful ceramic tile glazing. This pair of lake trout mosaic tiles are approximately 16' from nose to tail. They would make a gorgeous kitchen tile backsplash. Take a look at this prototype design...

lake trout mosaic tile design

This ceramic tile trout design would be fabulous in a cabin with a freshwater fish theme. A twist on this design could be a school of freshwater green trout...

lake trout mosaic back splash design

In this example the water is darker towards the bottom of the design. This design technique can be seen under our Tropical link in many of our tropical reef ceramic tile designs. You can also see a bass ceramic tile kitchen backsplash design further down this page.

copper ceramic tile trout

Your top view - dorsal view trout tiles don't have to be the colors you'd see in nature. These trout ceramic tiles are done in Tangerine Dream. It's a dark burgundy with flecks of copper.

ceramic tile copper trout

The intent of this ceramic tile trout color is to match a copper bathtub.

Any of our freshwater ceramic tile fish can be used in a multitude of installations. Whether residential or commercial, our fully vitrified, porcelain/earthenware ceramic tiles can be used anywhere you would use a manufactured ceramic tile.

These ceramic tile trout that were used outdoors in an entryway were glazed in Candy Corn.

ceramic tile fish border

Ungrouted crappie and golden trout ceramic tile border.

The profile fish tiles / side view fish / trout / croppie  tiles above are part of a bathroom ceramic tile back splash.

great trout installations

trout stream ceramic tiles

This ceramic tile trout stream totals 177 SF. It's a 24 foot x 19 foot oval that surrounds a large kiosk. The actual trout tiles are life - size. Full-size ceramic tile rocks, tile elephant ear leaves, and ceramic tile trout adorn this beautiful tile pond. For more pictures click the "Moore's Creek" link.

The Moore's Creek ceramic tile design is very special to Tiles with Style artist, Diane H. Holycross. It is based on one of two creeks on her family home's property in Western NY. Here is another version of this timeless trout stream ceramic tile design.

ceramic tile trout stream Moore's Creek

"When I designed this shower wall, I could have taken the easy way out and had a border with straight lines. Instead, I cut the Elephant Ear leaf tiles into the border. It helps unify the entire design."

This is a studio layout showing film mounted mosaic tiles that are ready for installation in the artists home. This is one of two shower panels that flank her Dad's new walk-in tub. Look at the detail of these ceramic tile trout fish. They even have scales.

ceramic tile trout stream monochrome

"I think my Moore's Creek, monochrome, ceramic tile trout stream is even more beautiful than the color version." "By limiting the colors and going with a monochrome look, it's true beauty pours out."

Finished shower pictures coming as time permits!

This is an example of this coloration in a ceramic tile trout stream for a floor application.

This is a combination of Moss Agate brown trout and Rain Forest with Moss Agate Brown Trout

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

Here in Western New York it is not uncommon to see lily ponds with trout. We have numerous large streams that empty into Lake Ontario. These streams contain large beds of lily plant vegetation. It's a great place for the trout to hide. The picture above shows a ceramic tile trout pond in pale blue waters. It contains frog tiles, dragonfly tiles, lily pad tiles, lotus flower tiles, trout tiles, and turtle tiles.

Because all of our mosaic tile designs are fully customizable, you have numerous options. These marsh marigold ceramic tiles are a great addition to trout stream ceramic tile designs. These herbaceous perennials are commonly found in marshes, fens, ditches, wet woodlands, and streams that trout inhabit.

Click the picture of the Marsh Marigold ceramic tiles for a larger view.

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile trout in Amaco, Fantasia with Cobblestone

A strikingly beautiful green trout shaped tile rock shower floor. I'm quite fond of this olive-green toned glaze. It has a lovely transparent quality.

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

Trout tile in Western, Two Seasons with Cobblestone

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles
Trout tile in Western, Silver Green with Cobblestone

As you can see, all of our ceramic tile trout are fully customizable to your decor. Just tell us your colors (see Ordering) for custom color ceramic tiles. Also, when you order, tell us if you want right-facing ceramic tile trout, or left-facing trout tiles.

"Diane, your art / decorative tiles adds such a new dimension to the feeling of our shower. It makes for a mystic and river-like
experience each morning!"
  K. Drewsen, Eagle Idaho

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles
Our client Scott created this beautiful trout tiled shower floor by using small rocks around his stream along with a slate perimeter. He also purchased some profile salmon tiles for the walls. This decorative ceramic tile trout design really makes you feel like you are in your own world. The water tiles color was based on the blue/moss/green tones of the slate.

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

Closeup of ceramic tile trout stream shower floor

This trout tile was glazed in a cobalt blue and black cobblestone to make it appear submerged in the cobalt blue water

rainbow trout ceramic tile trout styles...

Rainbow trout - shaped ceramic tiles
Sea Spray with Brown crystals, Brown Cobblestone, followed by Ruby Red and Nordic Light

Another color variation on rainbow trout profile, shaped - ceramic tiles.

Moss Creek, Peppermint Twist, Sea Grass and Desert Tan fins


Yet another variation of Rainbow Trout shaped mosaic tiles...

Moss Creek backs, Autumn Green/Peppermint Twist sides, Herb Garden bottoms, and Autumn Green fins


lake trout

 ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles
More Lake Trout ceramic tiles
Mystic Jade with Autumn Green, and Herb Garden

If you don't like the glaze colors on these lake trout ceramic tiles, send us color swatches and we'll glaze your ceramic tile trout to YOUR colors!

lake trout ceramic tile concept drawing

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles, fish backsplash tiles

Lake Trout tile concept drawing for a kitchen backsplash.

You can have ANY species of trout for this trout tile backsplash. The lake trout tile drawing is just to give you an idea placement. This is an example of bass ceramic tiles and round water tiles using this concept of design.

bass fish ceramic tile backsplash

 ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

 ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

Golden Trout ceramic tiles

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tilesThese trout - shaped ceramic tile fish / ceramic tile trout are available in a multitude of colors. The coloration shown to the right is a mottled brown gloss and is a dorsal view ceramic tile trout. The trout tile shown below is a brown gloss with white crystals. It reminds me of the trout that spawn in our creek in Upstate New York.

Moss Agate trout...pictured to the right.

Order Tiles with Style ceramic tile trout with or without squiggly / wavy water ceramic tile, as shown in the trout ceramic tile bench below — they actually look like they are swimming!!! OR mix them with some of your own broken manufactured ceramic tile pieces. ALWAYS remember to sand the edges of your broken ceramic tiles. This will save you band aids later when you wipe your hands over the sharp manufactured ceramic tile pieces.

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

The picture above shows a close up of green salmon / trout ceramic tiles in Sea Spray and Black Cobblestone ceramic tile glaze. The two glazes create a chemical reaction that makes a beautiful blue and purple cast.


trout in pebble rock floor

Ceramic tile trout in Agate Green with Black Cobblestone

ceramic tile brown trout, brown trout ceramic tiles
Brown Speckled Trout ceramic tile

This tile trout is also available in a deeper brown as shown in the picture of the two dorsal view brown speckled trout tiles / brookie / brookies / brook trout ceramic tiles above.

Ceramic tile trout are available in numerous sizes; both profile and dorsal views.Use the profile tile trout on walls and the dorsal view tile trout on floors for a more realistic ceramic tile design presentation. Don't forget to include some wavy water tiles to make your tile trout look like they are swimming. These look great with pebble manufactured ceramic tiles. Create stream beds—wow!

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

Wavy water makes your tile trout appear to be swimming!

Order Tiles with Style ceramic tile trout with or without squiggly / wavy water ceramic tile, as shown in the trout ceramic tile bench below — they actually look like they are swimming!!! OR mix them with some of your own broken manufactured ceramic tile pieces. Just remember to sand the edges of your broken ceramic tiles. This will save you band aids later when you wipe your hands over the sharp manufactured ceramic tile pieces.

decorative ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

Film-mounted trout and leaf tile shower floor

ceramic tile trout, trout ceramic tiles

Close up showing detail of the brown trout ceramic tiles glazed in River Bottom, Green, and Black Cobblestone

design ideas

This concept drawing shows a simple 6" ceramic tile trout / fish border using 6" trout tiles swimming in a stream. The remainder of the tiles could be purchased from any home improvement store or tile store. These tiles include 6x6 ceramic tiles, subway ceramic tiles, & listel border ceramic tiles.

ceramic tile trout drawing, trout ceramic tiles

Concept drawing for a ceramic tile trout border

This is the coordinating ceramic tile trout pond...

oval in a rectangular lily pond ceramic tiles drawing

                     Aquatic trout pond ceramic tile design

This ceramic tile pond design is bordered in 6x6 squares, has a 2x6 inner border, rocks, and a center fresh water fish tile medallion. It comes with, or without a matching ceramic tile wall design that features a ceramic tile fish motif and subway tiles.



See the pricing link in the right column.


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I look forward to hearing from you!

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