decorative ceramic tile, dog tracks, dog paw ceramic tiles

I currently have 2" and 4" paws stocked.

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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

product: ceramic tile dog tracks / paws

Decorative shaped animal ceramic tiles, hand made dog track shaped ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog track mosaics, dog pad ceramic tiles, tile cat tracks, dog biscuit / bone tiles, fire hydrant tile, doghouse tile, dog house tile, and more, for custom ceramic tile floors and ceramic floor tiles

dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

2" Moss Agate dog paw shaped ceramic tile

shaped dog track pricing

square dog paw tile pricing

Hey! Who let the dog in with the muddy feet?

If you are looking for shaped ceramic tile doggy tracks, tile puppy prints, or ceramic tile dog tracks for a mosaic, you've come to the right place. Diane H. Holycrss of Tiles with Style offers dog footprint-shaped tiles / dog track ceramic tiles. Once these dog-track shaped ceramic tiles are cut into the joints of your manufactured ceramic tiles and set, just grout your floor or walls and the dog pad tiles come alive. Your tiled floors look like your dog walked across it with his/her muddy feet!

dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

This shaped dog track tile is shown in a bed of shaped leaf mosaic tiles that were colored to match the clients existing ceramic tile floor. The client sent us three pictures of the custom decorative ceramic tile floor medallion, and they all were so cute, I placed all three pictures on various pages on my website. Thanks John!

dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

Way too cute!

Click for dog bone / biscuit shaped ceramic tiles.

Click for fire hydrant shaped ceramic tiles.

The McKamey Animal Center in Chatanooga, Tennessee. January 24th, 7:30 pm EST, Designing Spaces — TLC

Something new just for you! It's our whimsical shaggy dog, 4" border tiles. The picture below shows shaggy dog shaped ceramic tiles along with fire hydrant ceramic tiles, a dog bowl ceramic tile and fun doghouse ceramic tile all put together in a cute mosaic tile border.

If you don't want the dog house shaped ceramic tiles, they can be removed and replaced with one of our 3" dog paw / track shaped tiles to create another fun border.

If you don't want black shaped dog track tiles, you can even have brown to soften the design a bit.

As with all of our decorative, handmade, fully vitrified ceramic tiles; every mosaic shaped tiles is custom colored to your specifications. The shaggy dog shaped tile below is tan and bordered in black. You could also have him without an outline. I just like the graphic-nature of the piece outlined in blacki.

This little guy shows him in a transparent sooty gray glaze.

And this shaggy dog shaped mosaic tile is done in a brown glaze.

Take a look at this terrific raised dog shower—SMART! This client purchased some black dog paw shaped ceramic tiles and placed them among some white field tiles in this custom dog shower. If you could see the rest of the room, you'd be very impressed. It has built in kennels and everything.

Did you say, "I love my dogs, by my husband doesn't want dog tracks on your kitchen backsplash /back splash"? Look at this lovely compromise...he'll hardly even notice those tiled dog paws / tracks in a beautiful bed of leaves on your next tiled floor or backsplash.

As you can see, our tiles are shaped / mosaic tiles, NOT square. The picture below clear demonstrates that these are shape tiles, not square tiles. They can be assembled here in the studio into a mosaic tile design, or you can purchase them loose an create your very own masterpiece.

dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

If you are installing dog paws, ALWAYS make sure your installer cuts around the paw shape, not cut a square in your tiles and drop them in. You want them to look like real dog tracks. When your dog paws are grouted, the background should be buried under the grout, only leaving the pads exposed.

See: Instructions to Set Scattered Tiles to cut in your dog paw ceramic tiles into manufactured tile seams.

Show your dog how much you love him by letting his muddy feet be a permanent fixture in your home or business. He'll love you for it! The dog track ceramic tiles shown below are black to match this customer's decor. I want one of those toilet paper holders!

dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog pawsThe picture to the right shows the finished, dog-shaped paw print ceramic tiles as they would appear when you receive them in the mail. When grouted, the white areas disappear as shown in the picture below.

This dog tile is shown in Moss Agate / gloss.


dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

This custom ceramic tile floor screams "take a walk on the wild-side!" This tile floor uses paw print ceramic floor tiles. The owner of this ceramic tile floor wanted something unique for her pet grooming and boarding business called Happy Tails of Saratoga, Wyoming and requested these dog footprint tiles

dog track ceramic tiles, dog track ceramic tile floor, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

What a great tiled dog shower. I especially like the "back-saver" seat for the bather and the dog paw tiles for the "bathe-e."

Kitchen doggy backsplash

Note: I no longer make square tiles; only shaped-paw track ceramic tiles.

dog track kitchen tile backsplash, dog paw kitchen ceramic tile backsplash

Thanks for the pictures Gayle N. from Vidor, Texas.

dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

6x6 dog paws on the "point."


4x4 square dog paw tiles.
Note: Dog paws are no longer imprinted into the ceramic tile, but are silk-screened onto the face of the tile in ANY color combination.

Paw-shaped tiles shown in Tiger's Eye

And, as if we don't have enough dog ceramic tiles, we now have dog biscuit / bone tile / dog bisquit tile. These tile dog biscuits are available in several sizes. Currently our large dog bone / biscuit tiles are 4". We also have a medium dog biscuit tile as well. It is approximately 3" in length. More sizes coming soon, as well as dog fire hydrant tiles, and dog house tile / doghouse tile.

dog bone ceramic tiles, dog biscuit ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog biscuits, ceramic tile dog bones
           Dog biscuit / bone ceramic tile shown in a 4" glossy Amber.

Contact us today to order your custom ceramic tile dog tracks. You'll be glad you did. 2-3 weeks to delivery!

Check out this awesome ceramic tile doggy shower!  Take your existing mud room and create a fabulous tiled dog shower complete with tile dog tracks and tile dog biscui.

dog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog pawsdog track ceramic tiles, dog paw ceramic tiles, ceramic tile dog tracks, ceramic tile dog paws

Shown in 2" Antique Brown and 1" Carmel Gloss dog paw tiles

Dog Paw Shaped-Track Tile Sizes

Ceramic tile dog pad / paw tracks:

  • Puppy Paw ceramic tiles—1"
  • Small dog tile tracks—1 1/2"
  • Medium dog track tiles—2"
  • Large dog tile tracks—3.5"
  • Extra large dog tile tracks—4"

Shaped Paw Pricing

Pricing is for 1 dog track shaped tile, not a set!

  • 2" paws: $6
  • 2.6" paws: $7.50
  • 3" paws: $9
  • 4" paws: $12

For complete pet care products, visit: Pet Care

If you would like more information on my products or would like to place an order, click my email me link, OR CALL our LAN line @ 716.791.3673.

FYI...I do try to return all calls and emails within 2 days.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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A message from a happy customer "PS...The dog biscuit tiles are so realistic looking that my terrier kept
trying to pick them up. It took about 4 days before she could walk by and
not stop!"

We ship domestically AND internationally to Japan, Canada, and the UK!

 2012 Best of Business Award


“Having a background in interior decorating, I wanted a distinctive look for my own bathroom remodel so I turned to the amazing look that Diane creates with custom ceramic tiles.

I simply told Diane the number of Koi fish and lily pads that I needed and sent her the colors that I was working with and she created a look that was unique for my needs!

Diane’s talent is amazing, a true artist, each piece had its own detailed look! From start to finish; I couldn’t be more pleased with the ease of the whole transaction.

Looking forward to coming up with another project!”

Brenda G.

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