"It's no longer hip to be square"

Psalm 91:11 For he will give his angels charge over thee, To keep thee in all thy ways.

And they do!

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This column is my portfolio.

Do to a very heavy top-view fish workload, I am CURRENTLY not taking any more mosaic orders at this time. I am ONLY shipping the items in the RIGHT column.

We will be CLOSED 11/19-26/2017 &


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"You're art work is amazing and one-of-a-kind! I've searched everywhere and haven't found anything that looks so Zen and natural." Pam Raboli
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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

email me for LOOSE IN STOCK profile fish tiles

Hi, you have reached Diane @ Tiles with Style. You might have guessed that this is my full-time business; not a hobby. I ship my handmade tiles domestically, to Canada, Japan, and the UK.

This page was UPDATED on:

If you are ordering, please send your BILLING and MAILING addresses, a telephone number, the sizes, quantities, and species for the fish shaped / mosaic tiles.

I'll try to ship your order in 1-3 days. Once you receive your invoice, please call and leave your credit card info on my voicemail, OR you can use PayPal; either are secure. Please make sure your phone is secure.

IF YOU DON'T hear back from me in 2 days, please call I'm having some email problems.

We will be CLOSED 12/24/2017-1/1/18

I ship via the Post Office; Priority Mail (2-3 days.)

Can I hear anyone say OMG! The addition of some fish-shaped tiles can make an ordinary shower / bathroom / kitchen rock wall stream team with life. Never be bored again with a simple stone, rock, or pebble wall tiles again, when you can add fish shaped tiles to your next bathroom or kitchen new-build or remodel.

All profile fish are currently 6". That is the largest that can be made until I find a rubberstamp provider that makes larger stamps.

An example of a client installation in a full mosaic...

freshwater fish ceramic tile back splash

Individual, ready-to-ship FRESH WATER, profile fish shaped mosaic tiles in various sizes. My handmade ceramic tile fish come in profile side-view fish including:

I also plan on profile turtle shape ceramic tiles to come out in the summer of 2017.

 I prefer that you email me your order with ordering information. That way I can better utilize my time in the studio making your lovely
fish shaped mosaic tiles


If you have problems with this link, please copy and paste it into your email client.

IF you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, call: 423.259.8624

TROPICAL profile fish are under the TROPICAL link in the RIGHT COLUMN. :)

A spectacular mixed media profile fish design.

Once again, another example of the creative mind at work. Just look at this eclectic kitchen. This is my kind of kitchen. It's a rustic/shaker/mid-century combo design. I designed our Showroom the same way.

There is NO reason why you can't create something like this in your own home. The common theme that pulls this all together is "nature." A natural wood slab countertop and what appears to be a lot of rough-cut timber that was hand-finished for the remaining woodwork.

The lower cabinets pull the color from the glass round tiles that simulate the water on the walls, and the slice pebble tiles beneath also pull the wood-tones into this masterpiece of design.

Jeff Haudenschield  what else can I say? You totally ROCK!

rustic kitchen fish tile mosaic glass sliced pebble back splash

walleye fish shaped mosaic tiles

The pond is a bit low, but we do have these four walleye fish tiles available. I believe they are 8" and 9".

walleye fish ceramc tiles sliced pebble stones

These beautiful walleye fish, wall tiles would look amazing on any tile backsplash, mixed in with some sliced pebble tiles. The rich browns, pale blues, and white are so earthy and organic in nature. The addition of the tiny scales, adds to the authenticity of my handmade ceramic tiles. It's small touches like this that make me the leader in the shaped tile industry.

walleye fish shaped mosaic ceramic wall tiles

profile black crappie fish tiles

The reel deal! Check out our Black Crappie fish shaped tiles. 7" and 9" (as shown in the picture below) are currently available. The pond is continually being stocked.

black croppie fish shaped mosaic ceramic wall tiles

profile trout shaped tiles

Profile, wall, fish shaped mosaic ceramic tiles are now available for immediate shipment. Actual stock is shown below. More are being made.

green trout shaped profile fish ceramic tiles

6" and 7 1/2" blue green gray profile mosaic trout fish tiles

trout fish shaped mosaic ceramic wall tiles

6" and 7 1/2" cappuccino mint profile mosaic trout fish tiles

trout fish shaped mosaic ceramic wall tiles

6", 7 1/2", and 9" green agate profile mosaic trout fish tiles

brown trout fish shaped profile mosaic ceramic wall tiles

6" and 7 1/2" desert tortoise profile mosaic trout fish tiles

rainbow trout profile fish shaped mosaic ceramic wall tiles

6" and 7 1/2" black-backed rainbow trout profile mosaic fish tiles

rainbow trout profile wall fish ceramic tiles

6" and 7 1/2" brown-backed rainbow trout profile mosaic fish tiles

largemouth bass

Amazingly realistic looking, largemouth bass - shaped, mosaic ceramic tiles in a profile view. Perfect for bathroom & kitchen wall ceramic tile borders or mosaics of your own creation.

ALL tiles are 1/4" thick; industry standard, fully-vitrified ceramic tiles. That means they are safe in wet areas. See our FAQs link in the LEFT column for more details.

largemouth large mouth bass fish shaped mosaic ceramic backsplash tiles

largemouth bass fish shaped backsplash ceramic shower tiles sliced pebble floors

6", 7 1/2", and 9" Largemouth / large mouth bass shaped mosaic wall tiles for sliced pebble, rocks, polished pebble tile installations
AVAILABLE STOCK shown above.

Colors match our dorsal view largemouth bass tiles under the Bass/Walleye link in the right column

Kelp / Moss

Kelp for a bottom effect are a nice addition to your profile fish stream ceramic tile wall borders or floor tiles installations.

Approximately 7" & 10" (not pictured)
Emerald Falls kelp; freshwater & salt water ceramic tiles


6" trout tile $20
7 1/2" trout tile $24
9" trout tile $27
5" kelp/moss tile $5
6" kelp/moss tile $6
7" kelp/moss tile $7
9" kelp/moss tile $9
10" kelp/moss tile $10

direction facing

If the head of the fish tile is on the left; it's a left facing freshwater fish tile(s). If the head is on the right; it's right-facing ceramic fish tile(s).

At this time, I only have the fish available on this page; facing specific directions. I've ordered my custom rubberstamps that take a while to make. Then 2-weeks for production, and waiting to see how popular they are with my clients. I believe they will be quite popular for fish ceramic tile backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms. Once positive results are achieved, additional rubberstamps will be created in opposite facing directions. 02/10/17

If you are looking for stone / pebble / rock tiles sheets, I recommend you visit Envirostone.

Sorry, my studio IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, because it is zoned residential and the town doesn't allow it. It is only open by appointment.

I am in the studio working Monday-Friday only, from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, inter-dimensional travel strange dreams nightmaresIf you haven't heard about the Great Awakening that is happening throughout the world. I have a new book coming out called ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. When it is finished, you will be able to find it for FREE by clicking this link to my The Inter-dimensional Traveler website.

It talks about all the different types of spiritual travel we do in our "organic body suits," during what you might think as "dream-time."

The angels tell me that I'm not only a master of handmade tiles, but also a master of inter-dimensional travel, day-dreams, astral projection, dream walking, and much more! My spirit guides said that I should write a book about it, because, "The whole world will read your book." Their words; not mine.

ASK, SEEK, KNOCK will also be available on Kindle for FREE, on my website in .html format, as a .pdf downloadable file, and eventually on YouTube.

So if you are starting to experience some unusually vivid dreams, frightening dreams, flying out of your body, astral projecting, dream walking, experiencing deja-vu, synchronicities or coincidences, check out my book on inter-dimensional travel. It will be very enlightening.

Blessings to all,

Owner/Artist of Tiles with Style

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Click here to contact us

RIGHT Column

Tiles with Style

360 Leatherwood Hollow Road,

New Tazewell,

Tennessee 37825

We will be CLOSED




I prefer that you email me your order. Please click the appropriate email me for IN-STOCK items links:

If you do not hear back from me by the end of the day; PLEASE CALL. Our email seems to have a glitch; we are replying back promptly.

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Check out my line of incense burners. I'll be starting a line that matches my top-view fish. These are the perfect addition to your bathrooms!

stick incense burners

cone incense burners

FYI We have often have phone service problems. EMAIL is your best option.

Studio LAN line:
(423) 259-8624

the phone rings about 8 times before going to voicemail.

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Film Mounted Tiles

Film mounted tiles saves time on installer costs and provides you with a professional installation every time!

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A message from a happy customer "PS...The dog biscuit tiles are so realistic looking that my terrier kept trying to pick them up. It took about 4 days before she could walk by and
not stop!"

We ship domestically AND internationally to Japan, Canada, and the UK!

 2012 Best of Business Award


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