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"We sold our beach home and we are building a new one. Your artwork was one of the selling points of our last home." M Hays, Bridge City, TX

email me for LOOSE koi tiles that are ALL handmade, decorative shaped, mosaic ceramic tiles; made in the usa

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Koi Leaf & Lily Pads
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We do not have a shopping cart due to internet security breaches. Please read the instructions below. It's how things were done in the Good-Ole days!

If you are ordering, please send your BILLING and MAILING addresses, a telephone number, the sizes, quantities, colors, and direction facing for the fish shaped / mosaic tiles.

I'll try to ship your order in 1-3 days. Once you receive your invoice, please call and leave your credit card info on my voicemail, OR you can use PayPal; either are secure. Please make sure your phone is secure. Checks are always nice, but we do not ship the tiles until the check is received.

IF YOU DON'T hear back from me in 2 days, please call I'm having some email problems; especially with AOL.

I ship via the Post Office; Priority Mail (2-3 days.) Mail departs at 10:30 am; Monday-Saturday.

This page was UPDATED on:
08/08/2018 05:49 AM

Please DO NOT ask for custom colors on the fish tiles. I ship about 500 of these per month and there just isn't time to hand-make these beauties, and hand-glaze them in custom colors.

Pricing (Click this link, or scroll to the bottom of the page)

New color combinations, shapes, styles, and sizes of koi fish mosaic ceramic tiles from Tiles with Style. More new koi fish ceramic tile colors are coming weekly. Check back periodically for new fish tiles or buy them now while supplies last. I don't always use the same colors on my koi fish tiles.

Also, I CAN NOT make stock updates daily. I've been trying this and now I'm nearly out of everything. It just takes too much time and I cannot afford to hire anyone to do this for me.

Just email me what you want and we'll get back to you with what is available. J

NOTE: Please tell your installers to be very careful to NOT apply too much pressure when leveling the fish tiles. THEY ARE FRAGILE and tails can break!

DESIGN TIP! When you are creating your slice pebble, polished pebble, or micro pebble shower or bathroom floors, MIX DIFFERENT COLOR PEBBLE'S together. You don't have to use all the same color stones. You can use two different colors, such as a blue/green with a tan to create a more realistic pond or stream effect.

Fish body types

Simple tail Koi — typical Koi-shaped pond fish that is based on this body type.

Japanese Butterfly Koi — slender koi fish with ornate fins that is based on this body type.

Whimsical Koi — flowing, fun koi that has one defined eye and one slit eye. A typical swimming pose. I drew this one based on a class on, How to Draw a Koi Fish.

If you want to learn to draw a fish, here is a neat YouTube video.

Simple tail Koi fish shaped tiles

These are the new, 2017 Simple-tail Koi that I'm now producing. They are such a realistic looking koi fish.

koi fish ceramic tiles in sliced pebble shower floor designs

3 large, simple-tail orange and white koi with black and white spots

And another great creator CREATES!

WOW! Just look at this creative and simply beautiful koi fish pond shower floor that was installed using different color stone / rock pebbles. This is an un-grouted picture. Can you imagine the beauty of it when it's finished?

Our client, Joey C., is florist by trade. Joey really stepped out-of-the-box on this unique ceramic tile installation. Joey used simple white subway tiles on the walls, and a variety of different types of stone pebbles, and white and green glass on the floor in various colors to create a spectacular koi pond.

The ceramic tile koi fish were placed, very naturally, among several lily pad ceramic tiles, which were placed in green stone pebbles; then surrounded by light aqua pebbles, to create the koi fish pond. A white quartz sliced pebble was used to transition the traditional koi fish tile pond into the more modern white subway tiled shower walls. JUST BEAUTIFUL!

And look at the difference the grout makes! It appears that it's glass subway tile; not white ceramic. Beautiful installation Joey!

simple tail koi

I draw all of my fish designs from actual photographs of fish swimming in nature. I call this line my simple tail koi fish ceramic tiles mosaics.

Deco White is the common color in this fish grouping that includes Sliced Orange, Deco White, and Poppy Fields koi fish tiles. This style of koi fish tile is available in three sizes and a multitude of colors.

Pumpkin Orange koi fish tiles look great with gold-toned stone walls and gold accent sliced pebble floors.

Pumpkin Orange with Transparent Pearl fins and White spots.

These are the same Pumpkin base-color show above, but with a Transparent Pearl Fins and a red/orange/black sponge technique with black spots.

orange koi fish shaped mosaic tiles sliced pebbles

Bright and beautiful!

sliced pebble shower floor fish tiles

Pumpkin with Transparent Pearl fins and orange/red/black spots

LOVE this new glaze called Fireflies. It's the same base as our Cosmic Black, except the manufacturer added Gold crystals to the glaze. This new color will look wonderful with gray stones that have a gold cast.

Fireflies simple tail koi fish tiles with WHITE spots for sliced pebble shower and bathroom floors.

TWO left 12", TWO right and ONE LEFT 10"

Simple tail koi fish pond ceramic tiles are available in three sizes; 7", 9", & 11". These tile fish can be used in your sliced pebble shower floors and as border tiles in bathrooms and kitchen ceramic tile designs, or anywhere else you are doing stone, pebble, micro-pebble, and rock floor and tile shower installations.

The koi fish ceramic tiles for sliced pebble shower floor shown below are an orange glaze with tiny red flecks.

White fins in Transparent Pearl are then painted and let dry for the first of two glaze firings. After the first firing, black and white spots are added to the fish tile.

My 2-part, fully-glazed fish tiles are a great addition to your single, 1-part koi fish tiles. They create a more realistic swimming experience, and are cut to fit snuggly into the 1-part koi fish tiles. There is one, two-part one shown in the picture below. Can you find it?

Mom, I got some fur stuck in my mouth while I was eating one of your delicious koi fish. Help!

sliced pebble shower tile fish

7", 9" and 11" Orange, simple single tail koi fish tile
with WHITE and BLACK spots and Transparent Pearl Fins.

This picture shows the close up of a two part fish tile

The next koi fish tile colors are wonderful with white subway tiles. The glaze is called Deco White and is traditionally used on white subway tiles. You can also use them with quart sliced pebbles, or any other white-toned tile or stone, including Carrara marble.

There are also some white egret bird tiles that look wonderful on your koi pond walls with these white fish tiles.

TWO are currently available; ONE left- and ONE RIGHT-facing 15" White Egret shaped bird tile (3 inter-locking pieces) $60 each.

I also have some black and white Whimsical fish that would be a wonderful addition to these white sliced pebbles / polished pebbles / stone mosaic tiles.

Quartz Moon Mosaic Tile sliced pebbleSnow White Mosaic Tile sliced pebbles

white subway tiles Image result for carrara marble pebble tiles

You can mix these fish tiles together for a little variety in your koi fish pond ceramic tile designs. All our ceramic tile fish are 1/4" thick; industry standard, so our tile fish work with your 1/4" and 3/8" thick rock floor showers.

If you're afraid of color, these Deco White with Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate spots with Black sprinkles are perfect. It keeps your bathroom more "neutral-toned."

deco white fish tiles sliced polished micro pebble shower floors

Deco White with milk chocolate,
dark chocolate spots with Black sprinkles.

white sliced pebble shower tile fish shaped

There is a very limited supply of these koi fish remaining:

japanese butterfly koi fish decorative ceramic tiles

Two 7' & one 10" Deco White with orange and black spots;
as shown.

Also limited in quantity are these Deco White with Dandelion spots.

japanese butterfly koi fish

Two 7' & one 10" Deco White with Dandelion spots; as shown.
If you want black or orange spots added to these fish, just ask.
It will add 2 days to shipment.

japanese butterfly koi fish handmade ceramic mosaic tiles

A closer look reveals that my fancy koi fish tiles even have scales

Sliced Orange simple, single-tail koi mosaic tiles have a pale, transparent orange finish with black stained scales. I especially like the mosaic tile fish with any tan sliced pebble, micro-pebble, or polished pebble stones.

Glazed Pink polished pebble tiles glazed tan and white pebble tiles mini pebble stone tiles Desert Sandstone Moon Mosaic Tiles

See www.envirostone.com for all your stone needs.

Sliced Orange sponged fish shown above, with a Transparent Pearl Fins and a red/orange/black sponge technique with black spots. This time it's on a Sliced Orange-based fish tile. The orange is more of a tan color.

SPONGED, simple tail koi fish tiles in
Sliced Orange and Deco White fins; CURVED and STRAIGHT

Poppy Fields with black spots and Deco White fins koi fish tiles also look wonderful with white subway tiles and white rocks. They have bit more pop than my other ceramic tile koi fish.

Poppy Field simple tail koi fish ceramic tiles
(currently out-of-stock)

Transparent Pearl with Denim Blue scales and a dotted Cobblestone Black back.

Only 4 straight are currently available.

Just look at this beautiful detail on these blue koi fish ceramic tiles for sliced pebble shower floors.

blue koi fish shaped mosaic tiles sliced pebble floors

blue koi fish shaped mosaic ceramic decorative handmade tiles

blue/green splashed koi fish tiles

I have a line of gray-based koi fish ceramic tiles that look wonderful with gray, white, and blue green sliced pebbles.

hematite sparkle with transparent pearl hematite fins and turquoise spotted koi fish ceramic tiles look fabulous with the sea green sliced pebble tiles shown below

Image result for blue stone pebble tiles

sea green sliced pebble tiles

Japanese Koi fish shaped mosaic tiles

These GORGEOUS, orange and white Japanese Koi fish tiles have white cobblestone spots and orange tinged fins. There are straight and curved koi fish for ponds and stream ceramic tile designs.

The curved are more suitable for ponds, and the straight koi fish tiles are better for streams; as they appear to be moving slower.

japanese koi fish shower sliced pebble tiles

Available in 8" and 10"; curved and straight Japanese Koi fish shaped mosaic tiles.
Current stock mainly has the 10" straight; left and right, plus ONE left-curved.

Another new koi fish tile design for 2017 is this Japanese butterfly ceramic tile koi fish. This shows Black Diamond with turquoise spots and SeaWind with Turquoise spots. Don't think that you have to use only one color in your shower, sliced pebble floors. The koi fish tiles can be mixed; just like in a real pond.

blue black koi fish tiles sliced pebbles

blue green sliced glazed polished pebble tiles

You can also use them with only one color, but I prefer a mix because it more closely resembles nature.

9"-10" Japanese koi fish tile
in Black Diamonds with Deco White, turquoise edged fins.
Sizes vary, based on the curve of the tail during production.

Image result for blue stone pebble tiles

sea green sliced pebble tiles

Seawind with Deco White, 8" and 10", Japanese Koi fish shaped mosaic tiles also look very nice with sea green sliced pebble tiles. The blue, green and gold tones mimic the sliced pebble tile colors.

Available in straight or curved; 8" and 10" sizes.

Seawind with Deco White Fin Japanese Koi fish tiles. NOTE: Turquoise and/or Black spots can be added, but they are simply beautiful "as-is" with a splash of Seawind on the edges of their fins.

Also nice with any blue green sliced pebble tiles our my Cosmic Black with Turquoise edged fin; SIMPLE koi shaped mosaic fish tiles.

Whimsical Koi fish shaped mosaic tiles

gray black gold sliced pebble tiles

Once again, don't be afraid to mix colors or styles of koi fish tiles together. There is no real "rule" when putting fish in your functional koi fish ponds, unless you are trying to match them to your slice, polished, or glazed pebbles.

This grouping is gorgeous and uses the following colorations:

  • Fireflies with Smoke (gray) fins and butterscotch edging on a Whimsical Koi fish tile

  • Fireflies with Smoke fins on a Simple Koi fish tile

  • Butterscotch on a Masked Bandit Whimsical Koi fish tiles

And, for a softer look and feel, my 2017 Whimsical Japanese koi fish ceramic tiles for sliced pebble, stone, and rock floors are even pretty without spots!

beautiful gray koi fish ceramic tiles sliced pebbles

Plain, 6" (curved), 7", (straighter) 8" (curved), & 9" (straighter) Cosmic Black and Smoke fin Whimsical Koi fish ceramic tiles

It's amazing how different these look without a defined eye...

koi fish shower floor stone rock pebble tiles

TWO, 6" are available WITHOUT defined eyes in the smaller size.

Black Diamond and Deco White Whimsical Koi fish shaped mosaic tiles look great in any black and white tile bathroom shower or bathroom shower floor. If you want a pop of "color" in a gray bathroom; without color, these are the perfect compliment.

Cosmic Black with blue/green tinged fin koi fish tiles add just enough blue to look great with any blue / green sliced pebble, polished pebble, or micro pebble shower floor tiles.

handmade mosaic ceramic tile fish pebble shower floors

All of my koi - shaped, handmade, decorative ceramic fish tiles are shaped or "mosaic" tiles. They are beautiful right down to the scale details on their fish bodies and fins.

koi shaped mosaic handmade decorative ceramic tile fish

The Whimsical Black Diamond and Deco White koi tiles shown below have Turquoise spots. We keep have them in stock WITHOUT spots, so you can have other colors. White looks great too!

sea green sliced polished pebble tile fish

Black Diamond and Deco White Whimsical Koi fish tiles.
There are two styles, a slightly curved and a curved. These are available in two sizes.
THIS IS OUR CURRENT STOCK; ONE 6" curved right, and THREE left curved straight fish tiles.

If you don't like blue spots, we can make them in white spots, but it adds an additional 2-3 days.

TWO Fireflies WHIMSICAL koi fish tiles and ONE Cosmic Black; all with Gold accents on the fins. The pictures DO NOT do these any justice; beautiful! CURVED fish (2) are 8" and the
STRAIGHT (1) is 9"

Butterscotch Whimsical koi fish look fabulous with any stones containing a gold color. This picture shows and un-grouted floor. So if you're trying to pull out a certain color in your rocks, you'll want a fish tile containing that specific color.

Butterscotch koi fish shaped tiles in a sliced pebble shower floor with other fish.

Err Matie. I don't know if I've been living on my houseboat too long, or what. I call these my "Masked Bandit;" Butterscotch Whimsical koi fish shaped tiles. They have the black eye, but also a patch over the eye.

koi fish shower sliced polished pebble floor tiles

CURVED and STRAIGHT, Masked Bandit Whimsical Koi fish tiles WITH a defined eye in Butterscotch with BLACK spots.

I ship via the Post Office; Priority Mail (2-3 days.) 

I prefer that you email me your order with ordering information. That way I can better utilize my time in the studio making your lovely tropical and shaped mosaic tiles.

IF you do not hear back from us, call: 423.259.8624

Because many people say they are "design challenged," I want to show you a simple rule: "Like colors" blend together, creating a subtle effect, while "contrasting colors" are more dynamic.

dark bali ocean sliced pebble tiles

The top picture, being a subtle design is more calming, while the bottom picture is more vibrant. I hope that helps!

dark ocean sliced pebble tile koi fish shower floor

Like-tones create a more subtle effect.

dark ocean sliced pebble tile shower floor

Try to pick the lesser color in your sliced pebble / rock pebble / polished pebble tiles and then match them to one of our fish colors. It will pull more of that color out of the stones; just like these Tangerine fish tiles do with the gold rocks. It creates a nice well-balance effect.


Tangerine with Yellow fin split fancy tail
8" one right

koi fish ceramic tiles

These are NOT available. If you want more colorful koi, please visit the TROPICAL link in the RIGHT column.

SEE the email me for leaf tiles link in the right column for LILY PADS!



  • Simple Koi (sizes vary by tail curve)
    6-7" — $24 per fish tile (small curved)
    8-9" — $32 per fish tile (medium curved)
    9-12" — $38 per fish tile (large curved)
    7 1/2" (straight) — $28
    9" (straight) — $32
    12" (straight) — $38

  • Japanese Koi
    8" — $32 per fish tiles
    10" — $40 per fish tile

  • Whimsical Koi
    Plain, 6" (curved) — $24
    7", (straighter) — $24
    8" (curved) — $32
    9" (straight) — $32

 I prefer that you email me your order with ordering information. That way I can better utilize my time in the studio making your lovely koi and lily pad shaped mosaic tiles.

IF you do not hear back from us, call: 423/259-8624

Because I am literally making 1000's of tiles monthly, it might take a couple days for ME to get back to you. If you don't hear back from me via email, please call. It's possible your email was auto-deleted or sent to my Spam folder because of no subject lines.

If you are looking for stone / pebble / rock tiles sheets, I recommend you visit Envirostone.

Sorry, my studio IS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, because it is zoned residential and the town doesn't allow it. It is only open by appointment.

I am in the studio working Monday-Friday only, from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Blessings to all,

Owner/Artist of Tiles with Style

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I prefer that you  email me for IN-STOCK items links:

If you do not hear back from me by the end of the day; PLEASE CALL. We are trying to reply back promptly.


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